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    This Compute Ontario Advanced Research Computing (ARC) Training portal provides information, tutorials, activities, and courses to researchers using supported systems and services. In addition to Compute Ontario affiliated researchers at affiliated institutions, supported researchers include all researchers at Canadian institutions affliliated with the Digital Research Alliance of Canada and its partner/member institutions.

    • Accessing Compute Ontario Summer School 2023 course materials:

      • Although Compute Ontario Summer School 2023 was finished in June 2023, you are still able to enrol in its courses, access content, watch the recordings of the live sessions, etc. (That said, be aware that no attendance certificates will be issued for such as those were issued for those that sufficiently attended the live sessions.)

      Verifying a certificate was issued by us:

      • Starting with Compute Ontario Summer School 2023, awarded certificates from this web site can be verified via the QRCode on the certificate or manually via https://training.computeontario.ca/courses/admin/tool/certificate/index.php. (With the latter you will need to enter the hex code found under the QR Code on the certificate.)
      • Should there be any concerns, issues, questions, etc. please contact us by sending an email to support@tech.alliancecan.ca with Compute Ontario in the subject and suitable content expressing concerns, explaining issues, asking questions, etc. as is appropriate.