The 2023 Compute Ontario Summer School (COSS) will take place from June 12 to June 29 inclusive and will be delivered completely online (using Zoom). The COSS is composed of two streams. All courses can be seen via the links to subcategories below, or, via the COSS 2023 "landing page".

All 2023 Compute Ontario Summer School-wide notices, e.g., reminders about course registrations, will posted in this forum. If you would like to receive posts via email, then (i) if you are not already, log in to this site, and (ii) click the button below to enrol to receive messages. (NOTE: If you are already enrolled in any 2023 Compute Ontario Summer School course, you are automatically enrolled to receive messages. Also one can unsubscribe from receiving messages even if automatically enrolled --instructions are on the main General Notices page.)

This is a commons area for all 2023 Compute Ontario Summer School course registrants. Everyone that is registered in a summer school course is automatically able to access this common area.